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Last exam update: Dec 02 ,2023
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Question 1

What business problem does DataRaptor solve?

  • A. lt removes the need to code data mappings for data transformations.
  • B. It allows developers to create complex API queries declaratively.
  • C. It combines multiple steps and processes into a single server call.
  • D. It guides humans through a complex business process.


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Question 2

which Action element redirects the user outside an LWC OmniScript?

  • A. Response
  • B. Done
  • C. Post to Object
  • D. Navigate


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Question 3

A consultant receives a requirement to display products installed at an account site in a customer's
360 FlexCard view. The business requires that the width of the fields displayed should change
depending on the device used to view the FlexCard. For example, the Product Name and Model field
elements should display at full width on mobile devices, but they should shrink to 60% on devices
such as laptops and desktops.
How should the consultant design the FlexCard to meet this requirement?

  • A. Enable the Responsive feature on the Product Name and Model field elements
  • B. Enable the Mobile-First feature in FlexCard settings
  • C. Create two states, one for mobile devices and another for non-mobile devices
  • D. Create two FlexCards, one for mobile devices and another for non-mobile devices


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Question 4

A company has an existing OmniScript that gathers customer information. User feedback suggests
that the current process requires too much typing because all the data is entered into input text
fields. The users also are concerned because there is no validation in the data that is entered, and
users can sometimes enter data that contains errors. The required inputs are first name, last name,
age, and email, users are also presented a brief questionnaire regarding customer satisfaction.
Which three input elements can the consultant recommend to improve usability and to provide
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Headline
  • B. Radio Group
  • C. Email
  • D. Text Area
  • E. Range

B, C, D

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Question 5

A consultant wants to proceed with a FlexCard canvas design that will display data from a legacy
billing system. The legacy billing system is being extended to add a SOAP endpoint that will allow for
the data to be retrieved in XML format. However, the endpoint is not ready yet.
Which data source should the team use to make progress on the design?

  • A. DataRaptor
  • B. Apex REST
  • C. Integration Procedures
  • D. Apex Remote


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Question 6

A company needs to implement new verification processes for contacts in their org. This process
relies on three Contact record types: Recruiter, Candidate, and Trainer. The verification process is
different for each type of contact. For example, recruiters must pass a background check; trainers
must complete mandatory training classes, and candidates must achieve certifications.
Which OmniStudio tools should the consultant recommend to meet these requirements?

  • A. Specific FlexCards with Actions for each type of Contact
  • B. Multiple OmniStudio Actions that invoke separate OmniScripts
  • C. Single FlexCard with an Action to invoke an OmniScript
  • D. Single OmniStudio Action that invokes separate Omniscripts


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Question 7

Which three functions are performed by Action elements in OmniScript?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Display error messages to the user
  • B. Get and update data through APIs
  • C. Organize data into multiple pages
  • D. Send DocuSign emails for signature
  • E. Get and update data in Salesforce

B, D, E

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Question 8

Which element allows a user to retrieve data from a single field and display it in a dropdown list?

  • A. Calculation Action
  • B. DataRaptor Extract Action
  • C. Lookup
  • D. Select


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Question 9

In an Integration Procedure, what group element will control whether an individual action executes?

  • A. Conditional Block
  • B. Cache Block
  • C. Try-Catch Block
  • D. Loop Block


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Question 10

A company wants to create a new customer buying journey for their website. The buying journey
should include the following functionality:
Allow the user to enter contact and address information
Require the user to enter age, gender, and optionally income bracket
Compute a discount percentage per product based on the customer data provided
Save the list of suggested products including discounts
Which three OmniStudio tools should the consultant use to design a solution that meets these
Choose 3 answers

  • A. OmniScript
  • B. Integration Procedures
  • C. Calculation Procedures and Matrices
  • D. FlexCard
  • E. OmniStudio Action

A, B, C

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Question 11

A company uses calculation procedures to determine product pricing. Due to the company's pricing
schedules, there is always more than one calculation procedure active at one time for a given date.
In this scenario, how will the calculation engine select which calculation procedure to run?

  • A. Date modified
  • B. Priority
  • C. Sequence
  • D. Date created


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Question 12

A business wants to transform an existing process into a digital interaction using OmniScript. The
process includes several steps. Some steps apply to all users, and other steps only apply to users
depending on their responses to certain questions. The business does not want all users to have to
go through all the steps.
Which OmniScript feature should the consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

  • A. User Roles
  • B. Conditional Views
  • C. Script Configuration
  • D. Script Profiles


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Question 13

A company needs to create a process that allows call center admins to retrieve all open cases that
have a case type of "network issue" and submit the case data "as-is" to a back office system for
validation in batch on a daily basis. Once the cases have been submitted, the process should trigger
an email to the supervisor.
Which three OmniStudio tools should the consultant recommend to meet these requirements?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. DataRaptor Turbo Extract
  • B. OmniScript
  • C. FlexCard
  • D. Integration Procedure
  • E. DataRaptor Load

A, B, D

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Question 14

A company needs to generate invoices when contracts reach an approved status. Users should
initiate the invoice generation process from the contract page, but the option should not appear until
the contract reaches the approved status. After the invoice is generated, it should be sent to the
customer for signature.
What three tools should be used in the solution the consultant recommends to meet these
Choose 3 answers

  • A. OmniScript
  • B. Interaction Launcher
  • C. FlexCards
  • D. OmniStudio Action
  • E. DataRaptor

A, C, E

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Question 15

A business implements a simple OmniScript in their call center that allows agents to quickly create a
case when on the phone with customers. The OmniScript has been running successfully in the call
center for over a year. The business decides it wants to allow partners to create cases directly from
their Community portal.
What is the most efficient solution that the consultant can propose to meet this new requirement?

  • A. Deploy the existing OmniScript to the Community portal using OmniOut.
  • B. Embed the existing OmniScript as a reusable component within a new Community OmniScript.
  • C. Clone the existing OmniScript to a new LWC OmniScript and deploy to the Community portal.
  • D. Duplicate the existing OmniScript and deploy the new script on the website.


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