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Last exam update: Nov 23 ,2023
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Question 1

A developer is creating an app that contains multiple Lightning web components.
One of the child components is used for navigation purposes. When a user click a button called..
component, the parent component must be alerted so it can navigate to the next page.
How should this be accomplished?

  • A. Fire a notification.
  • B. Update a property on the parent.
  • C. Call a method in the Apex controller.
  • D. Create a custom event.


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Question 2

A business has a proprietary Order Management System (OMS) that creates orders from their
website and the order. When the order is created in the OMS, an integration also creates an order
record in Salesforce relates it to the contact as identified by the email on the order. As the order
goes through different stages in OMS, the integration also updates it in Salesforce.
It is notified that each update from the OMS creates a new order record in Salesforce.
Which two actions prevent the duplicate order records from being created in Salesforce?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Ensure that the order number in the OMS is unique.
  • B. Use the order number from the OMS as an external ID.
  • C. Use the email on the contact record as an external ID.
  • D. Write a before trigger on the order object to delete any duplicates.

A, D

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Question 3

A large corporation stones Orders and Line Items In Salesforce for different lines of business. Users
are a.. see Orders across the entire organization, but, for security purposes, should only be able to
see the Line If Orders in their line of business.
Which type of relationship should be used between Line Items and Orders?

  • A. Master-Detail
  • B. Lookup
  • C. Direct Lookup
  • D. Indirect Lookup


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Question 4

A developer is asked to explore if this automation can be implemented without writing any Apex
Which statement is true regarding this automation request?

  • A. This approval step cannot be automated and must be done manually.
  • B. The developer can use Einstein Next Best Actions.
  • C. The developer can use a record
  • D. The developer can use record triggered flow with Actions.


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Question 5

A developer migrated functionality from JavaScript Remoting to a Lightning web component and
existing getOpportunities method to provide data.

  • A. The method must be decorated with (cacheable=true).
  • B. The method must be decorated with @AuraEnabied.
  • C. The method must return a JSON Object.
  • D. The method must return a String of a serialized JSON Array.


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Question 6

Which two process automations can be used on their own to send Salesforce Outbound Message?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Process Builder
  • B. Workflow Rule
  • C. Flow Builder
  • D. Strategy Builder

B, C

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Question 7

A credit card company needs to Implement the functionality for a service agent to process damaged
credit cards. When the customers call In, the service agent must gather many pieces of information Is
tasked to Implement this functionality.
What should the developer use to satisfy this requirement In the most efficient manner?

  • A. Flow Builder
  • B. Lightning Component
  • C. Approval Process
  • D. Apex Trigger


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Question 8

The Account object in an organization has a master detail relationship to a child object called Branch.
The following automations exist:
Rollup summary fields
Custom validation rules
Duplicate rules
A developer created a trigger on the Account object.
What two things should the developer consider while testing the trigger code?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Rollup summary fields can cause the parent record to go through Save.
  • B. The trigger may fire multiple times during a transaction.
  • C. Duplicate rules are executed once all DML operations commit to the database.
  • D. The validation rules will cause the trigger to fire again.

A, B

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Question 9

What are two best practices when it comes to Lightning Web Component events?

  • A. Use to communicate data to elements that aren't in the same shadow tree.
  • B. Use events configured with bubbles: false and composed:false.
  • C. Use CustomEvent to pass data from a child to a parent component.
  • D. Use event.detail to communicate data to elements in the same shadow tree

A, C

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Question 10

A lead developer creates an Apex interface called "Laptop". Consider the following code snippet:

How can a developer use the Laptop Interface within the Silvertaptop class?

  • A. @Extends(class=Laptop'') public class SilverLaptop
  • B. public calss SilverLaptop extends Laptop
  • C. @Interface (class=''Laptop'') public class SilverLaptop
  • D. public class Silverlaptop implements Laptop


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Question 11

A developer needs to allow users to complete a form on an Account record that will create a record
for a custom object. The form needs to display different fields depending on the user's job role. The
functionality should only be available to a small group of users.
Which three things should the developer do to satisfy these requirements?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Add a dynamic action to the Account record page.
  • B. Create a custom permission for the users.
  • C. Create a Lightning web component.
  • D. Add a dynamic action to the user's assigned page layouts.
  • E. Create a dynamic form.

A, B, E

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Question 12

Refer to the following code snippet for an environment that has more than 200 Accounts belonging
to the Technology' industry:

which three statements are accurate about debug logs?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Debug log levels are cumulative, where FINE log level includes all events logged at the DEBUG, INFO, WARN, and ERROR levels.
  • B. The maximum size of a debug log is 5 MB.
  • C. Only the 20 most recent debug logs for a user are kept.
  • D. Debug logs can be set for specific users, classes, and triggers.
  • E. System debug logs are retained for 24 hours.

C, D, E

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Question 13

Managers at Universal Containers want to ensure that only decommissioned containers are able to
be deleted in the system. To meet the business requirement a Salesforce developer adds
^Decommissioned" as a picklist value for the Status__: custom field within the Contact__c object.
Which tool should the developer use to enforce only Container records with a status of
"Decommissioned" can be deleted?

  • A. Apex trigger
  • B. Before record-triggered flow
  • C. Validation rule
  • D. After record-triggered flow


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Question 14

Universal Containers has implemented an order management application. Each Order can have one
or more Order Line items. The Order Line object is related to the Order via a master-detail
relationship. For each Order Line item, the total price is calculated by multiplying the Order Line item
price with the quantity ordered.
What is the best practice to get the sum of all Order Line item totals on the Order record?

  • A. Roll-up summary field
  • B. Quick action
  • C. Apex trigger
  • D. Formula field


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Question 15

Universal Hiring is using Salesforce to capture job applications. A salesforce administrator created
two custom objects; Job
c acting as the master object, Job application.__: acting as the detail.

What is the recommended tool a developer should use to meet the business requirement?

  • A. Record-triggered flow
  • B. Process Builder
  • C. Formula field
  • D. Apex trigger


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