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Oracle VM 3.0 for x86 Essentials Exam

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Question 1

On your Oracle VM server which command would you use to list all SAN LUNs with redundant paths
along with their policies?

  • A. df –h
  • B. dmsetup list
  • C. multipath –ll
  • D. services devmapd status
  • E. mdadm –Q


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Question 2

After configuring a DRS policy in your Oracle VM environment you decide to test it by forcing one of
your guest to 100% CPU utilization. After 5 minutes nothing happens. List two possible reasons for

  • A. You left the monitoring period at default 10 minutes and Oracle VM has not gathered the second performance samples.
  • B. You have not told Oracle VM manager to start gathering performance matrix which is related to compare for the sample against.
  • C. Even though the guest CPU utilization is above the DRSCPU threshold it was not enough to bring the VM CPU utilization above the threshold.
  • D. You should not publish the policy to all over the Oracle VM servers yet so they dont know what the thresholds are.
  • E. The DRS policy updated is in direct conflict with the default DPM policy. You should correct this before continuing.


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Question 3

You have just finished successfully upgrading an Oracle VM sever from VM manager GUI. When
attempting to migrate some of your VMs back to upgraded server it does not appear in the list of
available server. What is the most likely reason?

  • A. There is another update available and it should be applied before you can migrate your VMs.
  • B. All the Oracle VM server in the environment should be upgraded before the VMs can migrated to the upgraded server.
  • C. The server should be taken out of maintenance mode before you canmigrate any VM back to it.
  • D. The server should be move backed to the same server pool as it was prior to the upgrade.
  • E. You should update all VMs to re-authorize the upgraded server so that it has permission to run the VMs.


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Question 4

You have guest VM on an Oracle VM server that cannot communicate with the internet. The guest
UUID is 12345. Which two commands on Oracle VM server will have troubleshooting this issue?

  • A. ovmm netstat –a to get the current status of all network connections.
  • B. dom0-system-display-network to show the status of all network interfaces.
  • C. Ifconfig –a to display list ofnetwork interfaces and their current status.
  • D. xm network –list 12345 to get the list of virtual interfaces attached to the guest.
  • E. esxlist –v 12345 to list all the network interfaces attached to the guest.


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Question 5

Identify the three components of the JeOS tool kit.

  • A. A command line utility to customize and create a system image.
  • B. Microsoft template system image.
  • C. Oracle Linux template system image.
  • D. Red Hat Linux template system image.
  • E. The predefined YUM repository of customized RPMs.
  • F. Script used to configure and clean up the template.


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Question 6

What are the minimum component that comprised a template imported by Oracle VM manager?

  • A. One virtual disk image (.img) file.
  • B. A configuration file (.vmx) and virtual disk image (.vmdk) file.
  • C. A virtual machine configuration file (vm.conf), a metastate file (.vix), a BIOS file (.nvram) and one virtual disk image (.img) file.
  • D. A virtual machine configuration file (vm.conf) and at least one virtual disk (.img) file.
  • E. One disk image (.img) containing the root file system and another disk (.img) containing the boot file system.


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Question 7

Which statements about Oracle VM agent architecture are accurate?

  • A. Oracle VM agent are daemon processes that automatically initiated when an Oracle VM server is booted.
  • B. Oracle VM manager always uses SSH command directly to dom0 on each Oracle VM server when the agent does not respond.
  • C. Oracle VM manageris capable of communicating with multiple server pools master server.
  • D. Multiple server pools master server should be running 1 active and 1 standby in each server pool to provide redundancy and fault tolerance.
  • E. All communication from one agent to other agent with in a server pool routed through the Oracle VM manager.
  • F. You can specify using Oracle VM manager which Oracle VM server assist this server pool as master server.


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Question 8

Which statement best describe Oracle support policy on supporting a virtual machine deployed from
an Oracle template?

  • A. It cannot be supported by Oracle under any condition.
  • B. It can be supported only in development and only when no customization have been made.
  • C. It can be supported only with in the first 30 days of deployment.
  • D. It will be supported in any environment provide your Oracle support contract is current.
  • E. It will be supported in any environment regardless of circumstances.


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Question 9

Which two steps would you take to configure IPMI for a server in your Oracle VM environment?

  • A. Configure the user name, password and IP address using Oracle VM agent.
  • B. Configure the user name, password and IP address using the Oracle VM manager.
  • C. Edit the IPMI.conf file on the Oracle VM server to enable automatic power setting.
  • D. Enable Wake-ON-LAN in the server BIOS.
  • E. Enable automatic power saving in Oracle VM Manager.


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Question 10

In your Oracle VM environment, you have been troubleshooting intermittent crashes of an Oracle
VM server. Oracle support has determined that the crashes are caused by the network latency and
the servers are timing out and rebooting after trying to access the server pool file system. Oracle has
recommended that you increase the heartbeat dead threshold from the default of 31 to a value 61.
Which file store this configuration parameter?

  • A. /etc/myOCFS2.conf.
  • B. /etc/myOVS/o2cb.
  • C. /etc/sysconfig/esxcluster.conf.
  • D. /etc/OCFS2/manager.config.
  • E. /etc/sysconfig/o2cb.


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Question 11

Which network configuration step in Oracle VM manager result in the automatically creation of a
network bridge?

  • A. A network is created or edited and the network bridge checkbox is selected
  • B. A network is created or edited and assign the virtual machine network used type
  • C. A network is edited and assign a newname
  • D. A network is created and edited and assign the storage network used type
  • E. A network is deleted


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Question 12

You are installing Oracle VM manager for use in production environment. The installation software
provides a choice for you to install Oracle database 11g express edition or connect to an existing
oracle database. What are the two reasons that you might want to connect to an existing Oracle

  • A. An Oracle database is not supported by Oracle XE database might not be readily available.
  • B. Accessing an existing database over the LAN is much faster than accessing a locally installed database due to resource content.
  • C. Oracle XE has restrictions such as limitation on total database size and number of processor used core which dont constrains other Oracle database editions.
  • D. Oracle VM manager is not fully functional when Oracle XE is used for its repository.
  • E. Oracle XE database cannot be backed up.
  • F. A repository created in Oracle XE cannot be migrated to another edition of Oracle database due to restrictions.


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Question 13

Which three statements describe the benefit and challenges of having multiple storage repositories
on separate storage devices?

  • A. The second repository will become a mirror of the first.
  • B. I/O may be distributed across the repositories but actually providing the better performance.
  • C. Multiple storage repositories can reduce the overall impact of storage device malfunctioning.
  • D. You must allow Oracle to decide where to place guest and virtual disks.
  • E. There is a chance that space will be over allocated, resulting in wasted space.
  • F. Both repositories must be of same type (NFS, iSCSI or fiber channel).


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Question 14

Which four attributes can be changed for an existing virtual machine using the edit virtual machine
wizard in the Oracle VM manager? Assume that the virtual machine is not running.

  • A. A file name in the storage repository of a virtual disk image accessed by the virtual machine.
  • B. The amount of memory allocated to virtual machine.
  • C. CPU priority of the virtual machine.
  • D. The processor clock speed for the virtual machine.
  • E. The process cap % limiting virtual machine processor location.
  • F. Boot device order for thevirtual machine.
  • G. The NIC bonding configuration for the virtual machine.


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Question 15

What happens to a virtual machine running on a clustered Oracle VM server when the server

  • A. It is restarted on another server in the server pool if it has the highavailability flag enabled.
  • B. It remains down until the administrator restarted it on another server in the server pool if high availability flag in enabled.
  • C. It is live migrated to another server in the server pool regardless of high availability flag setting.
  • D. It is live migrated to another server in the server pool only if the high availability flag is enable.
  • E. It is restarted on another server in the server pool regardless of high availability flag setting.


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