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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Distribution 9.2 Implementation Essentials Exam

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Question 1

Which three steps are involved if a user wants to copy, use, and share a grid format?

  • A. Use the publish icon, II the new grid format is going to be shared with other users.
  • B. Select the grid format you want to copy to another format, and use the Save As option.
  • C. New shared grid formats are automatically available to other users.
  • D. To share a new grid format, it has to go through the approval process using the User Defined Objects application P98220U.


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Question 2

Your client wants to ensure that the system will take certain quantities Into account when
committing available inventory during the order entry Which two statements ace true about the
calculation of available inventory?

  • A. Quantities on open purchase orders can increase availability.
  • B. Hard commitments are always subtracted from on hand Quantity, but not future commitments
  • C. Safety stock is always subtracted from the available quantity
  • D. Quantities In inspection Increase the available quantity if it is defined to do so In Receipt Routing Definition.
  • E. The availability calculation is defined in Branch/Plant Constants (P4100I).


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Question 3

Your customs is in the process of adding all their suppliers into the new procurement system.
Which four procurement processing defaults are maintained in the Work with Supplier Master

  • A. Bank account
  • B. Tax Information
  • C. EDI Information
  • D. Voucher automation
  • E. General Ledger distribution
  • F. Address book Information


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Question 4

Which three options can be specified in Document type Setup when setting up Order Types?

  • A. Order Category
  • B. Bypass Invoice
  • C. Relieve On Hand Inventory at Ship Confirm
  • D. Document type Next Number
  • E. Line Type


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Question 5

Which report will let you view available to promise (ATP) Inventory levels for a specified lime period?

  • A. The Inventory Journal Report (RA1550)
  • B. The Item Master Directory Report (R41560)
  • C. The Supply/Demand Report (R4051)
  • D. The Hem Ledger Detail Report (R41540)
  • E. The Inventory Turn Report (R41116)


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Question 6

What Is the reason why Routing Options are not displayed for a Shipment that has a Promised Ship
(PPDl) and Promised Delivery date (RSDI) of today's date?

  • A. Promised Ship (PPDI) and Promised Delivery dale (RSDI) are- a nonworking day in the workday calendar.
  • B. Preferred Carrier doesn't have a valid Rout.
  • C. Rate Definition is only Billable
  • D. Valid routes have either transit days or lead days that make the routes unavailable for this particular shipment.


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Question 7

Your customer requires the address book Application to contain the following features: basic address
book Information, map of the physical address, open Invoices, and vouchers.
What are the two ways to satisfy your customer's request?

  • A. Show the customer how to use the existing form exits within the Address Book Revisions application.
  • B. Update the Address Book Revision form to display Invoice vouchers, and a physical mop using Composite Application Framework (CafeOne).
  • C. Show the customer how to use the existing Row exits within the Work With Addresses application.
  • D. Educate the customer on how to use CafeOne to customize the Address Book Revisions application.


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Question 8

Your client has some high value customers that they want to make sure gel any inventory that comes
available after a backorder. What is the correct way to make sure this happens?

  • A. Create an alternative version of the Sales Order Entry program lo bypass availability checking.
  • B. Add a priority code in the Customer Billing Instructions. Then create on alternative version of the Backorder Release and Report program to process priority codes then by request date.
  • C. Create a Query on the Customer Service program lo monitor orders on backorder for those special clients and then use the Release Backorders - Online program to allocate the Inventory.
  • D. For their orders on backorder. change the request date lo one far in the past so that when the Backorder Release and Report program runs. It allocates the older orders first.


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Question 9

Your company wants to enter transactions using a customer's Item number Instead of the primary
Item number. How do you enable this for sates orders?

  • A. Enter the customer's Item number as the third item number In the Item Master table. During transaction entry, enter the customer's Hem number preceded by the code.
  • B. Set up base price or advanced pricing for this customer/Item combination using the customer's Item number.
  • C. Set up the customer cross-reference symbol In Branch/Plant Constants and define lhe customer Item number In the Item Cross Reference table. During transaction entry, enter the customer's Item number preceded by the symbol.
  • D. Set up the customer cross-reference code in Branch/Plant Constants. During transaction entry, enter the customer's item number preceded by the code.
  • E. Set the flag In Customer Billing Instructions to use the customer Item numbers from supplemental data.


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Question 10

Which two Customer Billing Instruction fields do not default lo the sales older, based on the ship to

  • A. Freight Handling Code
  • B. Preferred Carrier
  • C. Partial line Shipment Allowed
  • D. Delivery Instructions
  • E. Backorders Allowed


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Question 11

Which option lists steps that must be set up In order to create functional vehicles In Transportation?

  • A. Vehicle Master and Compartments
  • B. Vehicle Master and Vehicle Types
  • C. Carrier Master and Load Types
  • D. Carrier Master and Vehicle Registration Number
  • E. Options and Equipment and Vehicle Registration Number


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Question 12

Your customer has discontinued a stock item in one of their branch plants. They have set the item up
as a ''U'' Stocking Type.
What set of transactions will this change allow?

  • A. Sales Order. Adjustments, Issues, Reclassification, and Transfers
  • B. Adjustments, Issues. Reclassifications, and Transfers
  • C. Purchase Older and Sales Order
  • D. Purchase Order, Sales Order, Adjustments, Issues, Reclassification, and transfers


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Question 13

Identify the option that describes the sequence of events when generating and processing single
shipment for a sales order with billable freight.

  • A. Enter the sales order, route the shipment, printer pick slip, confirm the standard shipment, print BOL, approve the shipment, run freight update, print invoice, and run sales update.
  • B. Enter the sales order, route the shipment printer pick slip, confirm the transaction shipment, approve the shipment, print BOL, run freight update, print invoice, and run sales update.
  • C. Enter the sales order, router the shipment approve the shipment, print slip, confirm the load, print BOL, run freight update, print, invoice, and run sales update


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Question 14

What Is not available when reviewing the sold-to account on the Credit Check Inquiry?

  • A. last Invoice date
  • B. aging balance of open A/R
  • C. total amount at open sales orders
  • D. date last paid
  • E. credit limit for the parent


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Question 15

Yom customer noticed that several orders that were shipped yesterday continue to show up in the
list of orders ready to be confirmed In the Ship Confirm program (P4205).
How should you correct this?

  • A. Change the processing in Sales Order entry (P42I0) to not allow changes beyond the Ship Confirm status.
  • B. Change the processing options for the Mom and Thru Status in the Ship Confirm program (P4205) to allow valid statuses.
  • C. Change data selection for the Ship Confirm program (M205) to select the order type and status.
  • D. Check the order activity rules for the order type to ensure that no Other Allowed Statuses have been created for this step.
  • E. Check the processing option for Ship Confirm (P4205) to see If Pack Confirm is enabled-


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