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Oracle Inventory Cloud 2021 Implementation Essentials Exam

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Question 1

Which statement is false about generating an Internal Material Transfer for expense destination
Transfer Order?

  • A. Cost Management will pick up the delivery transaction directly from Receiving and process the expense accounting from that transaction.
  • B. Cost for Lot and serial numbers are tracked at put away time when the items are recorded in a destination inventory location.
  • C. Expense destination transfers are expensed upon delivery hitting an expense account instead of an inventory asset account as would be the case for inventory destination transfers.
  • D. If the receipt is required, then accounting of the receipt delivery transaction will happen only in Receipt Accounting because there will not be a delivery transaction in inventory.
  • E. If the receipt is not required, Cost Accounting will pick up both the issue and receipt activity from the single inventory transaction Transfer Order Issue.


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Question 2

An inventory transaction is imported to the system through an FBDI template.
Which transaction state denotes that an inventory transaction is created in the Oracle Cloud
Inventory Management application?

  • A. Validated
  • B. Created
  • C. Deferred
  • D. New
  • E. Staged


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Question 3

Your customer is setting up serial control. The requirement is that if item A has serial 123, then they
do not want item B to also have serial 123 within the same inventory organization.
Which serial control setting must be used to meet this requirement?

  • A. Unique within items
  • B. Unique across Enterprise
  • C. Unique across organizations
  • D. Unique within organization
  • E. Unique within Item and organization


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Question 4

Identify the availability type that is applicable for the item quantities maintained in a unit of measure
different from the primary unit of measure and is available for various transactions.

  • A. Available
  • B. Secondary Available Quantity
  • C. Reserved
  • D. On Hand
  • E. Secondary On-hand Quantity


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Question 5

Identify three statements that are true about reservations in back-to-back processing.

  • A. Changes to reservation in Oracle Logistics Cloud leads to exceptions, which are displayed in the Supply Chain Orchestration work area.
  • B. Reservation supplies that can be reserved are Purchase Orders, Transfer Orders, Work Orders, and On Hand inventory.
  • C. Reservations cannot be created for back-to-back On Hand supply orders.
  • D. Partial fulfillment of reservations is supported.
  • E. One reservation is created for a demand and supply.


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Question 6

Which execution document is created by supply chain orchestration when a make request is

  • A. Purchase Order
  • B. Routing Create
  • C. Work Order
  • D. Transfer Order
  • E. Movement Request


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Question 7

Your client has decided that Discrete Manufacturing will be implemented at a future stage, so any
new supply from current manufacturing will be added to current inventory by the Open Transactions
Interface. The immediate requirement is to go live with Inventory and Order Management.
Which two seeded transaction types can be omitted for material status control?

  • A. Average Cost Update
  • B. Miscellaneous Issues and Receipts
  • C. All Transaction Types Related to Work in Process
  • D. All Internal Transactions
  • E. Backflush Subinventory Transfer


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Question 8

Which two tasks must be defined to set up the Facilities Schedule?

  • A. Manage Facility Time Cards
  • B. Manage Facility Operations
  • C. Manage Facility Workday Patterns
  • D. Manage Facility Shifts
  • E. Manage Facility Holidays


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Question 9

Your client has not been managing Supply Request Exceptions on a regular basis.
What issue does this cause?

  • A. The request will be denied automatically if not resolved within two days.
  • B. Supply orders are not created for these exceptions, thus causing disruptions in the Supply Chain.
  • C. If exceptions are not resolved within a set threshold days, it alerts the manager and continues to escalate up the Supply Request Exception Chain.
  • D. No issues would be caused; these are just warnings.
  • E. After the errors reach a set threshold in profile options, no new requests can be created.


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Question 10

In Supply Chain Orchestration, Automated Change Management performs which two functions?

  • A. splitting of a sales order
  • B. changing the ship method on a sales order
  • C. changing the supplier on a purchase order
  • D. change to need by dates of a purchase order
  • E. change to item attributes


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Question 11

Which three statements are true regarding PAR Location Management?

  • A. If the stock level falls below the target on-hand quantity for the locator, inventory generates the appropriate replenishment document based on the item sourcing for the subinventory.
  • B. PAR location management replenishment are calculated at the organization level or subinventory level.
  • C. A receipt is required on interorganization expense destination transfer orders between the from and to organizations
  • D. Periodic Automated Replenishment (PAR) enabled facilities that do not store perpetual inventory (such as hospitals) to perform locator-level replenishment.
  • E. Organizations can perform locator-level stock counting for both quantity and non-quantity tracked subinventories.


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Question 12

You need to load on-hand balances for go live. Which template should be used for this?

  • A. InventoryMiscellaneousTrxTemplate.xlsm
  • B. InventoryReservationImportTemplate.xlsm
  • C. InventoryOnHandBalanceTemplate.xlsm
  • D. InventoryTransactionImportTemplate.xlsm
  • E. InventoryBalanceImportTemplate.xlsm


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Question 13

Identify the correct movement request where the move orders are preapproved requests for
subinventory transfers that bring material from a source location to a shipment staging subinventory
within the organization.

  • A. Automatic Movement Request Requisitions
  • B. Pick Wave Movement Request
  • C. Replenishment Movement Request
  • D. Shipping Movement Request
  • E. Movement Request Requisitions


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Question 14

What are two outcomes when a lot expires on an item with lot control enabled?

  • A. It cannot be reserved for a date beyond the expiration date.
  • B. It is issued out of stores.
  • C. It remains in inventory, but is not considered on-hand when the user is performing min-max or reorder point planning calculations.
  • D. It cannot be transacted.
  • E. It is not included in cycle counts.


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Question 15

The physical inventory process is carried out for a particular inventory organization with the
following parameters:
Negative Quantity Tolerance Percentage is set to 10%
Approval Type = 'Always'
The system says that there are 100 on hand, but you only counted 95. What will happen?

  • A. The system will ask a user to recount before posting.
  • B. The setup is invalid; it will give an error message.
  • C. Because the 95 is within the 10% tolerance, it will post without approval.
  • D. An approval will be required before posting.


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