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IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.6 Infrastructure and Implementation Exam

Last exam update: Dec 03 ,2023
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Question 1

To comply with company security policies, a security administrator needs to change the security
group which provides global permissions for all users.
Where can this group be set?

  • A. Security Groups - Global Security action
  • B. Security Groups - Security Controls action
  • C. System Properties - Allusers system property
  • D. System Properties - Everyone system property


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Question 2

A company is installing a new instance of Maximo on Linux and Maximo database creation fails.
Where can files be found to help determine why it failed? (Choose two.)

  • A. /opt/IBM/SMP/ConfgTool/logs/
  • B. /opt/IBM/SMP/properties/versions/
  • C. /opt/IBM/SMP/maximo/tool/maximo/logs/
  • D. /opt/IBM/SMP/ConfigTool/database/logs/
  • E. /opt/IBM/SMP/ConfigTool/ant/WAS_ND_Configuration/logs/


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Question 3

A company wants to configure WebSphere Application Server for Maximo manually.
Which must exist before the environment can be used? (Choose two.)

  • A. IBM Java 7 SDK installed
  • B. A deployment manager profile
  • C. At least one WebSphere application cluster
  • D. A data source to store JMS messages in a DB2 database
  • E. An LDAP repository (such as IBM Tivoli Directory Server) for Global Security


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Question 4

An administrator has decided to set the system property mxe.db.fetchResultLogLimit.
What does this property do?

  • A. Generates mbo counts in the log file.
  • B. Generates exceptions in the log for error conditions.
  • C. Generates an exception in the log for too many objects in memory.
  • D. Generates an exception in the log for the specified number of objects in a single mbo set.


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Question 5

A company is planning a migration of configuration data from the Maximo development
environment to the Maximo test environment using Migration Manager.
Which types of packages are available to choose?

  • A. Collection, Replace, Change
  • B. Collection, Snapshot, Change
  • C. Collection, Snapshot, Replace
  • D. Add/Change, Snapshot, Change


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Question 6

A company is investigating the options to complete configuration tasks using Tivoli's process
automation suite configuration tool.
What can be configured? (Choose three.)

  • A. Update Rich Text
  • B. Run Database Configuration
  • C. Configure Integration Framework
  • D. Change Application Security Model
  • E. Update database access credentials
  • F. Update database and build and deploy application EAR files


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Question 7

A company has a Work Order Workflow process with a task assignment thai has a time limrt A Wofk
Order on thai assignment in the Workflow process has not been completed within the time limit. The
assignment owner needs to be notified.
How can this be triggered?

  • A. Escalation
  • B. Work Order Cron Task
  • C. Bulletin Board Message
  • D. Email listener sends an email to the supervisor


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Question 8

A company needs to implement a customization as part of the processing when an Asset record is
saved in Maximo. It plans to implement a script using the Save event on Object Launch Point.
Which choice is available to configure when the script is executed?

  • A. A Maximo Action initiates.
  • B. The Object fields are initialized.
  • C. A Maximo Conditional Expression is met.
  • D. After the processing commits the data to the database.


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Question 9

A company has configured several application servers to handle specific tasks using Ul cluster, Cron
cluster and Integration cluster. A requirement is that certain Cron tasks do not run on the UI cluster
and the Integration cluster.
What is one way to accomplished this?

  • A. Add mxe.crontask.skip=[crontask name] to maximo properties file.
  • B. Add mxe.crontask.donotrun=[crontask name] to maximo properties file.
  • C. Add mxe.crontask.donotrun=[crontask name] to the file.
  • D. On System Configuration -> Cron Task Setup, Select Action -> Reload Request, then uncheck "Run”.


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Question 10

A company has a requirement to record asset history when the status of a work order changes to
In which Maximo application is this defined?

  • A. Sites
  • B. Assets
  • C. Organizations
  • D. Database Configuration


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Question 11

A company has tasked an administrator with ensuring traffic between Maximo and the client browser
is encrypted over the wide area network to prevent sensitive data from being intercepted.
Which is required?

  • A. a digital certificate for me application server
  • B. a digital certificate for the client browser for authentication
  • C. "Encrypt SSL communications" options enabled in the System Properties application
  • D. a bus security role called "maximousers" defined within WebSphere Application Server console


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Question 12

A Maximo application is deployed on a Application Server (JVM). During normal use of the
application, the system performance is inconsistent.
Which one of the application server components would most impact this?

  • A. JVM heap memory setting
  • B. HTTP Server timeout settings
  • C. Maximo database connection settings
  • D. Deployment manager configuration setting


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Question 13

A company wants to conditionally display data the user sees in a Maximo application.
What choices are available to accomplish this? (Choose three.)

  • A. Action
  • B. Control
  • C. Escalation
  • D. Java Class
  • E. Expression
  • F. Automaton Script


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Question 14

What is the recommended WebSphere garbage collection policy for a Maximo Application Sever

  • A. -Xgcpolicy.gencon
  • B. -Xgcpolicy.balanced
  • C. -Xgcpolicy.optthruput
  • D. -Xgcpolicy.optavgpause


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Question 15

A deployment specialist is required to add additional languages to Maximo using Tivoli's process
automation suite configuration tool. Before starting, the specialist reviews the database
configuration to ensure the correct character set for multilingual support is defined.
What are the supported sets? (Choose two.)

  • A. UTF-8
  • B. UCS-2
  • C. UTF-16
  • D. UCS-16
  • E. ISO 8559


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