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Question 1

What are two descriptions of network optimization? (Choose two.)

  • A. identify network requirements
  • B. network redesign
  • C. proactive network management
  • D. network health maintenance
  • E. maintain high availability


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Question 2

Which two types of planning approaches are used to develop business-driven network designs and to facilitate the design decisions? (Choose two.)

  • A. strategic planning approach
  • B. business optimization approach
  • C. tactical planning approach
  • D. modular approach
  • E. cost optimization approach


Reference: page 18

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Question 3

A network attacker exploits application flaws to compromise critical systems in the organization with these objectives:
Obtain sensitive data and export the data out of the network
Compromise developer and administrator credentials to potentially gain access

What is the next step after application discovery is completed in Zero Trust networking?

  • A. Enforce policies and microsegmentation
  • B. Establish visibility and behavior modeling
  • C. Ensure trustworthiness of systems
  • D. Assess real-time security health


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Question 4

Company XYZ is running BGP as their routing protocol. An external design consultant recommends that TCP path MTU discovery be enabled. Which effect will this have on the network?

  • A. It will create a loop free path
  • B. It will enhance the performance of TCP-based applications
  • C. It will improve the convergence time
  • D. It will increase the convergence time


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Question 5

Company XYZ is migrating their existing network to IPv6 and they must plan for Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices. Some of the access layer switches do not support IPv6, however, core and distribution switches fully support unicast and multicast routing. The company wants to minimize cost of the migration. Which migration strategy should be used in the design?

  • A. The access layer switches must support IGMP snooping at a minimum. Any switches that do not support IGM snooping must be replaced.
  • B. The access layer switches must support DHCPv6. Any switches that do not support DHCPv6 must be replaced.
  • C. Upgrade the nonsupporting switches. Otherwise, it will cause an issue with the migration.
  • D. Layer 2 switches will not affect the implementation of IPv6. They can be included in the design in their current state.


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Question 6

Refer to the exhibit. Company XYZ is currently running IPv4 but has decided to start the transition into IPv6. The initial objective is to allow communication based on IPv6 wherever possible and there should still be support in place for devices that only support IPv4. These devices must be able to communicate to IPv6 devices as well. Which solution must be part of the design?

  • A. address family translation
  • B. host-to-host tunneling
  • C. dual stack
  • D. 6rd tunneling


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Question 7

A network architect in an enterprise is designing a network policy for certain database applications. The goal of the policy is to allow these applications to access the internet directly, whereas other user and network applications that communicate with systems or users outside their own network must be routed through the data center. The focus is on achieving higher availability and a better user experience for the database applications, but switching between different network paths based on performance characteristics must be supported.

Which solution meets these requirements?

  • A. MPLS direct connect
  • B. Cloud onRamp for SaaS
  • C. Cloud onRamp for IaaS
  • D. MPLS L3VPN with QoS


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Question 8

An architect designs a multi-controller network architecture with these requirements:
* Achieve fast failover to control traffic when controllers fail.
* Yield a short distance and high resiliency in the connection between the switches and the controller.
* Reduce connectivity loss and enable smart recovery to improve the SDN survivability.
* Improve connectivity by adding path diversity and capacity awareness for controllers.
Which control plane component of the multi-controller must be built to meet the requirements?

  • A. control node reliability
  • B. control path reliability
  • C. controller state consistency
  • D. controller clustering


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Question 9

An external edge router provides connectivity from a service provider to an enterprise. Which two Internet edge best practices meet compliance regulations? (Choose two.)

  • A. Send logs to a centralized logging collection server
  • B. Implement EBGP to advertise all owned IP blocks
  • C. Enable and use only secure protocols
  • D. Implement filtering to control traffic that is sourced from the infrastructure IP space
  • E. Use login banners and interface access lists to restrict administrative access to the system


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Question 10

Which tool automates network implementation activities and shortens the implementation lifecycle?

  • A. Python
  • B. Conclusion
  • C. Java
  • D. LISP


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